5 Signs It May Be Time to See a Veterinarian


If your pet is suffering from a skin problem, finding an appropriate treatment is necessary so they remain comfortable. The first step in getting your pet help is making an appointment with our veterinary dermatologist at Bridgwater Veterinary Hospital and Wellness Centre in Winnipeg. One of our veterinarians will evaluate your pet’s skin and provide you with treatment options to clear problems effectively. Here are five signs that indicate your pet needs veterinary care for a skin problem.

Your Pet is Itching

If your pet is scratching at their skin constantly, they may have a condition that requires treatment. Biting and scratching usually indicates that a pet’s skin is very itchy. This could be caused by a parasite problem or dryness.

Your Pet Has Fleas

Fleas can cause a variety of skin ailments. Check your pet’s skin for the presence of these small, black parasites and contact our veterinarian if they are present. Flea treatment will eliminate these pests and heal your pet’s skin.

Your Pet Has Injuries

If your pet was involved in a fight with another animal or if they scraped their skin on a sharp object, cuts may be present. These require treatment so the area where the injury is located does not become infected.

Your Pet Has Allergies

If your dog or cat has an allergic reaction, the skin may be affected. Many pets suffer from allergies to food, grooming supplies, and the environment. Our vet will help you pinpoint the trigger so it can be avoided, and they will provide treatment to the skin so it can heal.

Your Pet is Missing Fur

If patches of fur are missing from your cat or dog’s coat, a skin problem may be to blame. This condition is best handled by our veterinarian to determine why your pet is biting at their fur.

Visit Our Veterinarian for Pet Skin Treatment

If you think your pet has a skin problem, contact Bridgwater Veterinary Hospital and Wellness Centre in Winnipeg to make an appointment with our veterinary dermatologist. Call us at 204-452-0911 for more information.

Has your pet ever suffered from a skin problem? Share your experience in the comments.