Arthritis Treatment for Pets

Arthritis Treatment

Unfortunately, arthritis is just one of the many health issues that older pets can develop as they enter their golden years. Although there is no cure, your pet can still have a high quality of life with the condition, especially if it is diagnosed and treated early. If you think your pet has arthritis, please contact our team at 204-452-0911 and schedule an appointment with one of our veterinarians so they can take a closer look.

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How do I know if my pet has arthritis?

When it comes to arthritis, changes in your pet’s behaviour or movements are often the earliest warning signs. If you notice any of the symptoms below, contact our veterinary team right away.

  • Limping
  • Reluctance to move/ or do previously enjoyed activities
  • Difficulty going up and down stairs
  • Yelping when touched (particularly on their joints)
  • Licking, chewing or biting of themselves
  • Irritability

What is the best treatment for arthritis in pets?

It really depends on your furry friend’s lifestyle, disease progression/ severity and any other pre-existing conditions they may have. Some of the most common types of treatments for arthritis are supplements, anti-inflammatory drugs, acupuncture, massage, and more. At home, installing non-slip flooring, ramps and soft bedding can minimize injury risk. Proper diet and low-impact exercise can also help your pet stay at a healthy weight to take strain off of your pet’s joints.

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