Bridgwater Veterinary Hospital and Wellness Centre is here for you in planning end-of-life services for your pet. We understand that it can be a very difficult decision when it is time to say goodbye to your beloved companion. For our pets, we often look at the quality of life over the quantity of life. Humane pet euthanasia in the face of terminal illness or injury is the last gift you can give your terminally ill or elderly pet. Your veterinarian is there to guide you and help you in making this decision.

We are here to help you through the process, so you can focus on giving your pet your full attention. We invite you to give us a call at 204-452-0911 to schedule an appointment for your pets.

What is euthanasia in pets?

Euthanasia is a gentle and painless way to end your pet’s life, as they would otherwise suffer. This is only recommended by veterinarians when all medical procedures to remedy your pet’s condition/illness have been unsuccessful.

We also work with a support group called the Winnipeg Humane Society Pet Loss Support Group that can help your family navigate the challenging times after your pet crosses the rainbow bridge. You can find out more about this group by calling 204-452-0911 or asking a member of our team.

How is euthanasia carried out in my pet?

After your pet is administered a sedative, the euthanasia solution is administered by intravenous injection. This drug works very quickly and is painless and humane for your pet.

Can I stay with my pet during their euthanasia?

Absolutely. You can remain with your pet as long as you need to before and after the services. We have a private and comfortable area for our euthanasia procedures so you and your family can say your goodbyes in peace.

Some owners choose to be present during the procedure while others choose not to be present. Either choice is appropriate for you and your beloved pet. We will support and help you through this process and walk you through each stage.

What’s the cost of euthanasia?

The cost of the procedure is discussed once the client has made the decision. We offer a cremation service, where you can choose if you would like your pet’s cremains returned to you. Please don’t hesitate to contact the hospital at 204-452-0911.

Pet Cremation

At Bridgwater Veterinary Hospital, we ensure that your pet’s remains are handled with the dignity and respect that they deserve. That is why we trust our cremation needs with Precious Pet Cremation. The top-notch service that they provide directly aligns with the philosophies of our hospital. For more information about Precious Pet Cremation, please visit their website.

Pet Loss & Grief Support

The loss of a furry family member can be very overwhelming. If you need support, you can contact the Winnipeg Humane Society’s Pet Loss Support Line at 204-988-8804 if you’d like to speak with someone about your loss.