5 Signs It May Be Time to See a Veterinary

Dermatologist If your pet is suffering from a skin problem, finding an appropriate treatment is necessary so they remain comfortable. The first step in getting your pet help is making an appointment with our veterinary dermatologist at Bridgwater Veterinary Hospital and Wellness Centre in Winnipeg. One of our veterinarians will evaluate your pet’s skin and […]

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Importance of an Annual Pet Exam

Pets tend to hide illnesses and pain extremely well, which makes it important for you to take your pet to the veterinarian for a yearly exam. An annual exam helps extend the life of your pet and ensures they stay healthy. If you live in the Winnipeg area and need to schedule an appointment, contact […]

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Common Household Items that Are Toxic to Dogs

Many pet owners have items in their homes that are toxic to animals. If you’re not sure what these items are, ask your Winnipeg vet. At Bridgwater Veterinary Hospital and Wellness Centre in Winnipeg, we can help you identify substances that pose a risk to your dog so you can safeguard his health. Here are […]

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