Nutrition Counselling

Here at Bridgwater Veterinary Hospital and Wellness Centre we push for educating fur parents on the nutrition their pets need from food. Our team offers expert advice on the specific foods that your individual pet needs to sustain their bodies and promote growth. With the wide variety of pet foods available, it can be overwhelming trying to decide what to feed your pet. Fortunately for you, our team offers nutrition counselling.

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What happens during my pet’s nutrition counselling?

Nutrition recommendations are discussed with you during a Wellness visit. During this visit, one of our Registered Veterinary Technologists (RVT) will examine your pet’s diet. Questions about your pet’s feeding schedule, types of foods, and more may also be asked. At this point, the RVT may recommend special foods to include in their diet, or what to reduce or remove from their diet. Call us at 204-452-0911 to find out the best food and diet for your individual pet.

What are healthy foods to feed my pet?

Our experts recommend taking a closer look at the nutritional information on the packaging when buying pet foods. This list should include protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins as they are important to your pet’s development.

What should I feed my puppies and kittens?

Your puppies and kittens require special foods that aid their growth and development. Some products have special markings which indicate that it is for younger pets. These labels are super helpful. However, some breeds of animals, particularly in canines, need specific diets as they may develop bone problems from their fast growing rate. Your veterinarian can further assist in choosing the right products, please contact us with your questions.

Does my senior pet need special food?

Absolutely! As seniors, your pets are more susceptible to conditions and illnesses, which need special diets to reduce or lessen the effects. The foods senior pets consume need to give them extra nourishment.

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