Ultrasound and X-ray

Unlike most of us, our pets cannot tell us or express to us how they are feeling. This makes diagnostics so much more important in the veterinary world. Ultrasounds and X-rays are surgery free and pain free procedures used to diagnose medical issues in pets like humans. These procedures show the internal organs of your pet. We perform both procedures at our hospital.

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What are ultrasounds and X-rays used for in pets?

These procedures show pictures/ images of internal organs. Ultrasound is often used to examine the liver, kidney, heart, and gallbladder. Ultrasounds can detect tumours, pregnancies, fluids and cysts. Radiographs on the other hand are used to check for gallstones, arthritis, etc. Both procedures are often performed together to further rule out any issue that the other does not detect.

How does ultrasound and X-ray work in my pet?

A sonographer will apply gel to a particular area of your pet’s body. A handheld tool called a transducer is moved strategically over the area. The transducer emits sound waves that echo and show the organs that it glides over. The transducer is connected to a monitor which displays the internal organs. Ultrasounds are used to examine softer tissue.

Radiographs use a safe and small amount of radiation in your pet. As the radiation passes through your pet, images are taken.

Our veterinarians and technicians undergo special training to interpret the images taken from ultrasound and X-rays. Call us today to schedule your pet’s ultrasound or X-ray at 204-452-0911.

Does my pet need special preparation for an ultrasound or X-ray?

The only requirement for these procedures is to shave the area that is going to be examined. By removing the hair, it gives a better snapshot of the organs on that area of the body. Since the procedure is harm-free and non-invasive most pets are relatively calm and don’t need to be sedated.

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